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January 2018
January 2018
reviewed: The Demon's Angel
The Demon's Angel - Maya Shah
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December 2017
reviewed: Prophet of Doom: Delphi Chronicles Book One
Alicia was practically invisible - at least until one night at a party where she tripped into the future. And not to one of t...
Prophet of Doom - Derek  Murphy
December 2017
reviewed: The Clay Queen
Queen Nouei is trying to change her fate as a goddess disdained by rewriting history. But becoming a god is no easy task, and...
The Clay Queen - Ono Ekeh
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December 2017
reviewed: Elvira Wonders
The little town of Elvira may not be well known to the human world, but it's no stranger to the paranormal. Joshua and his be...
Elvira Wonders - Sanna Hines
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November 2017
reviewed: The Fourth Law of Kanaloa
Maris thought she had escaped the worst of things when she came to live in Hawaii, using her music to make a life for herself...
The Fourth Law of Kanaloa - Johan Twiss
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November 2017
reviewed: Clyde's Grand Day Out
Clyde. Snail shark, predator, simple... or is he?Clyde sneaks out of the back yard for a snack and a little adventure. But wh...
Clyde's Grand Day Out - Chrys Cymri
reviewed: Prescient
**This book has been renamed [b:Prophet of Doom: Delphi Chronicles Book One|37660002|Prophet of Doom Delphi Chronicles Book ...
Prescient - Derek Murphy
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October 2017
reviewed: Emerge
Lia is a mermaid, a direct descendant of The Little Mermaid, and her life is in danger because of it. That's because The Litt...
Emerge - Tobie Easton
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October 2017
reviewed: The Vengeance of Snails
Penny is at it again, navigating the inspiring, frustrating, and incredible world of Lloegyr. Her recent dismissal from a Llo...
The Vengeance of Snails - Chrys Cymri
reviewed: The Cleanser (Vargrom Book 3)
Serell's life is honest and happy, his work fulfilling and useful, and his bride-to-be everything he could ever want in a wom...
The Cleanser (Vargrom Book 3) - Kevin Hopson
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September 2017
reviewed: Fall Into Fantasy: 2017 Edition
This is a fun collection of short fantasy stories with a wide variety of subgenres for everyone to find something to like. He...
Fall Into Fantasy: 2017 Edition - Andrew M. Ferrell, Susan Marcus, Tony Conaway, Sandra Unerman, Frank Roger, Mark Easterday, David Pauly, Andrew Sweetapple, Molly Neely, Art Lasky, Jack E. Mohr, Shane Porteous, Linda M. Crate, Anne Johnson
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August 2017
reviewed: Ghost Hope
Just when it looks like the band is back together, they're split apart again, and this time Olivia has displaced an entire co...
Ghost Hope - Ripley Patton
reviewed: Ghost Hold
Olivia's escape from the CAMFers and her hometown allows for little reprieve. Samantha is next on the list, and the small gro...
Ghost Hold - Ripley Patton
reviewed: Ghost Heart
The group is scattered and broken, unsure how to move forward or if they even can. Fighting back is more crucial than ever, b...
Ghost Heart - Ripley Patton

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