The Midnight Society

The Midnight Society - Rhonda Sermon Cate's spent the last 5 years in witness protection, but it doesn't prepare her for the magic she encounters when everyone at the bus stop she's at freezes, except for her. Those she meets while the rest are frozen have a mission, but they come back the next day. Their world of magic and time travel is opened up to her, and she finds herself in the middle of two sides, neither truly good or bad. But she has to choose a side, and her future--and the present of the new people in her life--hangs in the balance.

This was intense, full of mystery and danger, secrets, magic and a series of choices with no clear-cut right way to go. I'm curious to learn more about Cate's choices and where the story is headed. I can't even begin to imagine a full resolution of the story because of the lack of clear delineation between good and bad.

The time travel is cool, but in this book they only travel between about 5 or so years into the future (travelers can only go backwards in time, but can bring those from the past forward, though at great risk to the passenger).

Totally gripping and crave-worthy, and just enough romance splashed in to add to the intrigue.