Emerge - Tobie Easton Lia is a mermaid, a direct descendant of The Little Mermaid, and her life is in danger because of it. That's because The Little Mermaid unleashed a curse on all merkind, throwing the mer world into violence and war. Lia is part of a community of mermaids living on land, trying to blend in with the humans. But there are rules, one of them being that she can't date a human. Too bad her old friend Clay is so hot.

But when he starts dating another girl who just happens to be a mermaid, there's bound to be some problems.

This was a neat story based on a more tragic Little Mermaid than some might remember. The romance is sweet and maddening, the magic is real, and the story is full of depth. A great read for fans of [b:The Little Mermaid|132391|The Little Mermaid|Hans Christian Andersen|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1309204955s/132391.jpg|245197] and young adults who love mermaids.

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