Unfathomable Chance

Unfathomable Chance - K.T. Munson Diana's 23rd birthday seems like any other day--until a cat begins talking to her. Suddenly she finds herself in the middle of space's political intrigue, a bracelet glued to her wrist that holds the Heart of the Cosmos. If she accepts its power, she'll have to find a mate (and the suitors are coming!), but the bracelet wants something else, something much more dangerous. She'll have to solve the mystery if she ever wants to return to a (semi) normal life, preferably without getting killed in the process.

I found the story enjoyable, the bit of romance nice, and the mystery worth flipping through the pages.

While I did enjoy the story, I found the writing, while free of typos, occasionally bumped me out of the story. The dialog, in particular, generally had a snappy edge to it, but overly formal construction at times was hard to reconcile. I might expect it more of the aliens, but coming from Diana and her human friends was odd.

Despite that (and it's not nearly frequent enough to be completely off-putting), the story was intriguing and well constructed. I'd certainly be interested to see Diana's journey continue, especially since I felt she took the easy way out in the end (though I fully understand that reasoning).

If you love light sci-fi and a bit of romance, I would definitely recommend you check this out. It's a fun romp into the universe.