Elvira Wonders

Elvira Wonders - Sanna Hines The little town of Elvira may not be well known to the human world, but it's no stranger to the paranormal.

Joshua and his best buddy Archie are ghost hunters, but when a faerie is gruesomely murdered, he'll be on a different kind of hunt. There are plenty of suspects, from werewolves to vampires, and the chaos comes amid the first push to drive tourism to save the little town.

Can they discover the killer while keeping the tourists and "newcomers" happy or will Elvira fall off the map permanently?

This book is a relatively slow paced read, the mystery of the killer not really taking full steam until about 3/4 of the way through. For the rest of the book, we get to explore the little town and the relationships being formed, from Joshua and Georgia, to Archie and Bobbi, and some of the younger ladies with the "newcomers", aka vampires. I loved all the nuances, like how only some vampires are sensitive to light, there are two different factions of faeries, and werewolves are pretty much a club for the families with the deepest roots in Elvira.

Besides the pacing, I found it a little difficult to get into at first, as we're thrown into the mix with several characters, we cycle through a few different viewpoints, and some of the terminology isn't consistent (naiads/nymphs, the vampires being called Mayans and Egyptians based on where they were from, and not being sure if the Egyptian temple/priests were paranormal or just human).

But overall, it was a fun read, great for anyone who likes cozy mysteries, paranormal/contemporary fantasies, and a healthy dose of romance.