Prescient - Derek Murphy **This book has been renamed [b:Prophet of Doom: Delphi Chronicles Book One|37660002|Prophet of Doom Delphi Chronicles Book One|D.S. Murphy||59258122]**

Alicia was practically invisible - at least until one night at a party where she tripped into the future. And not to one of those fantastic futures where everything is techy and white and better. No, this future held abandoned skeletons, degenerated humans, and a remnant of humanity driven to destroy each other. Alicia needs to change that future if she ever hopes to have the happily ever after she'd grown up dreaming about. But even if she can change the future, after visiting it, will she want to?

The story is incredible. I've read a few of the author's books, and of all that I read, this is the series I'm hoping he finishes first. There are so many great twists, and the author's take on an apocalyptic future and how it's achieved is wild. Really gripping and gut-wrenching, a true page-turner.

Fair warning, though - the book includes several elements that may not be appreciated - like smoking a pot-like plant, a fair amount of cussing, and a near rape situation (seems to be a common element in the author's writing). It's worth it for the story, though, if you're not easily offended.