Born of Water: An Elemental Origins Novel

Born of Water: An Elemental Origins Novel - A.L. Knorr, Christine Gordon Manley, Shandi Petersen Targa has a secret - her mom is a mermaid. And though the mermaid gene is supposed to pass from mother to daughter, Targa is just a regular human.

With summer's approach, Targa and her friends will be parting ways, all headed to different countries. But Targa's trip to Poland with her mom and mom's dive team turns out to be anything but a typical summer tourism trip.

Loved this mermaid story. The details of mermaid anatomy are incredible, and even the "info dumps" feel like so much a part of the story that they're not tedious or tiresome.

Even better, this book is part of a series, and it seems that all of Targa's friends have something are a little ... different. :)

So glad I snapped this book up!

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