Bluestone - C.E.  Johnson Loved this story!

14 year old Emily has powers, which thanks to the guidance of her godfather have both developed and remained hidden. But Emily is not from this world, and she'll have to make a decision soon, to either travel to her home world and learn more about the family that gave her up as a child, or face the two groups threatening to disrupt the life she's come to love on Earth.

The book had a bit of a slow start, the threats around Emily not really building to a truly threatening boil until about the halfway point in the book. I also found some sentences to be a bit long and winding.

But the world the author created is incredible and unique. The magic use is intriguing, and the time difference as well. I found some aspects of the time difference little hard to reconcile (1 day on Earth equals a year on Acacia, so Emily has been gone for about 5000 years), but the author includes a list of rules in the glossary at the end (along with lists of names and places in case you get lost). Traveling to Earth resets your age, so it's possible to live an incredibly long time. I can only assume that her family and the main evil character, Samil, have utilized this fact to the fullest extent possible.

There are a lot of loose ends (what do Drogor and Samil want with Earth? and how does Malachi play into things?), and the book ends on a bit of cliffhanger, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying it by the end.

I will say, though Emily is 14, she seems much more mature (more upper YA), and Samil and the female vampire's roles are certainly a bit darker, so I feel fantasy readers of young adult and upwards will enjoy this book.