The Magician's Test (Dreamers Through Time)

The Magician's Test (Dreamers Through Time) - Daphne James Huff Clara sees the future, but she hides her ability behind seances, convincing others their loved ones are delivering the messages she sees. Her devoted assistant is 10 years her junior - and possibly in love with her - so when he suggests she prove to the great Harry Houdini that she's not a fraud, she gently but firmly says no. Too bad he doesn't leave it at that.

This is a charming short story, set in 1920's America. Clara is strong and intelligent, and understandably guarded. I would've liked to see a little more tension between Clara and her assistant, though I understand why that wasn't pursued. I also would've liked a little more of a solid ending. It felt a little too open-ended, though I couldn't pinpoint exactly why.

Otherwise, a nice tale, and I think it would appeal to fans of period pieces and the Ghost Whisperer.