Remnants - Melle Amade Shae's a shifter in a world she's only recently learned existed, and not only is she a dove, a race of shifters thought extinct and generally hated, she's also a nuvervel, being able to shift into more than one creature. She needs to be the raven to keep herself and her family and friends safe, but she's not sure how to unlock that part of her. Worse, her duality is killing her. With pressure on to be the raven, Shae must learn who she is and find a way to survive not only her nature, but the Order that rules the shifter world with an iron fist.

I'm kinda mad about the ending, but not because it was so bad, but because the next book isn't out yet. *shakes fist at fascinating cliff-hanger* The action, the hints of romance, the danger, the secrets. I found myself surprised by the emerging shifter world just as much as Shae. The story moves at a great pace, and the action and danger will keep you glued to the book until the last page is turned (at which time you'll try to turn more pages to try to squeeze a little more information out of the author).

Highly recommended to ya readers of paranormal and urban fantasy.