Bad Bloods: November Rain

Bad Bloods: November Rain - Shannon A. Thompson Serena is a bad blood, a person with a unique power--power that has put her and her kind on the hunted list ever since those powers came to be seen as a threat. And though she thought she would die at the jail in a forced execution, she escapes, putting her back on the streets. That's where Daniel finds her, another bad blood whose determination to help Serena is rivaled only by his mysterious and troubled past.

This short story doesn't go nearly as far as the description indicates. Instead, it's about the slow build of friendship between Serena and Daniel, and maybe something more. There is plenty of tension, but I found the ending a bit abrupt, and afterwards the plot felt a little hollow. The characters and writing are excellent, and I'm fairly certain a further look into the series would have me hooked, but this short story fell a bit short for me.

It's also notable that this book feels very relevant to the current climate in America, though much more desperate and further entrenched in fear moreso than hate. An intriguing look into the world the author has created, but you might want to have the next book in hand before you sit down with this one.