The Vengeance of Snails

The Vengeance of Snails - Chrys Cymri Penny is at it again, navigating the inspiring, frustrating, and incredible world of Lloegyr. Her recent dismissal from a Lloegyr church and her brother's near-death experience has Penny and James stuck in an emotional holding pattern. The wedding is still on with Peter, though their arrangements keep getting attacked by unknown culprits. And they're about to discover that Clyde is revered by more than the lemmings.

This book is yet another emotional ride on the fantasy train of Lloegyr, and I loved it. Penny has a lot to contend with, and is still avoiding dealing with her feelings for a certain dragon. But she's got a lot on her plate. We also meet a fun new character - a southern praying mantis who can understand more than the average creature and works as a bit of an interpreter. If you haven't started the Penny White series yet, you need to hop on the train!