Beyond the Gate: Stories from the World of The Dream Engine (Engine World)

Beyond the Gate: Stories from the World of The Dream Engine (Engine World) - Monica Leonelle, A.T. Schubert, E.W. Pierce, Jamie Maltman, Jack Worr, Stacy Claflin, Blaine Moore, Jay Rosenkrantz, Lisa Harvey, John McGuire Never having read [b:The Dream Engine|22663684|The Dream Engine|Sean Platt||42162564], and having basically no experience with steampunk fiction, I had no idea what to expect. But [a:Monica Leonelle|4398121|Monica Leonelle|] has a story in this collection, and I was curious, so I gave it a try.

Honestly, I wasn't impressed at first. Almost gave up on the book until my toddler son randomly picked it out on my Kindle. I'm glad I kept going. The very next story was riveting, and so I continued.

I wasn't a fan of every story, which ranged in genre from fantasy to mystery to thriller/horror, but there were some excellent ones among the bunch. Here are a list of my favorites:

--The Crown Reading by [a:Monica Leonelle|4398121|Monica Leonelle|] (Honestly, why did you not continue this story??? WHHHHYYYYY????? I need more. :P )
--Dreaming Mountain by [a:Jamie Maltman|8073751|Jamie Maltman|]
--Everyday Battles by [a:A.T. Schubert|9817919|A.T. Schubert|]
--Upon a Misty Morning by [a:E.W. Pierce|7852139|E.W. Pierce|]
--Round-About by [a:Lisa Harvey|2438127|Lisa Harvey|] (incredibly complex, and loved the way it came together in the end).
--The Tinker's Tale by [a:Joseph Mello|9817924|Joseph Mello|]
--Scarlettina: A Crumble Fairy Tale by [a:Abe Cedarian|9817922|Abe Cedarian|]
--My Strength Will Ease Your Sorrow by [a:Paul Jenny|9817928|Paul Jenny|]
--The Cloud by [a:Michael Hustleborn|9817929|Michael Hustleborn|]

I didn't venture further than the content warning, which set apart stories appropriate for young adult audiences from those more adult in theme. A fun read and a great way to dip your toes into Steampunk if you haven't already ventured into that genre. Plus, you get to discover talented authors along the way. So, win-win.