Ghost Hold

Ghost Hold - Ripley Patton Olivia's escape from the CAMFers and her hometown allows for little reprieve. Samantha is next on the list, and the small group of PSS young adults need to convince her to come with them. Problem is, Samantha is rich, attending an affluent school, and entrenched in a cult known as The Hold. It's not going to be easy, and Olivia has no idea the surprises that await her... surprises that will challenge everything she knows.

The story takes quite the turn here, and you won't believe what's in store. Everyone has something to hide. By the time this book ends, you won't want to stop, so save yourself the frustration and grab [b:The PSS Chronicles Complete Set|32947382|The PSS Chronicles Complete Set (The PSS Chronicles #1-4)|Ripley Patton||53571766] so you can dive right into book 3.