The Marriage of Gryphons

The Marriage of Gryphons - Chrys Cymri Penny White is at it again. Her longing for full-time vicarage in Daear makes life on Earth seem dull. Fortunately, some opportunities to spend more time over there are the perfect opportunity to continue to explore and revel in this world where fantasy creatures exist.

But her handsome dragon friend, Raven, is missing, and her associate's marriage proposal comes with a great many challenges to overcome. With so much fracturing around her, can she keep her loved ones safe? And what of her own heart?

The action in this novel is amazing. Penny goes on some rather dangerous journeys, and finds some surprises along the way. Her snail shark, Clyde, takes on a new and interesting dimension, the dragon, Raven, has to struggle through some issues presented by [b:The Cult of Unicorns|33253585|The Cult of Unicorns (Penny White #2)|Chrys Cymri||53972318] (Penny White Book 2), her brother, James, won't be allowed to stay comfortable, and things between Penny and Peter are getting serious.

But the struggle is real. I found my heart diving and soaring along with Penny as she dives deeper into the world of Daear and finds herself facing some rather uncomfortable truths.

I received a free ARC copy of the book with no obligation to review. This is my honest opinion.