The Amazing Wolf Boy (The Amazing Wolf Boy 1)

The Amazing Wolf Boy (The Amazing Wolf Boy 1) - Roxanne Smolen Cody enjoys his life as the only son of two wealthy doctors, but when one Christmas eve on a vacation abroad he turns into a wolf, his life is shattered. His parents send him to his "black sheep" Uncle Bob's in Florida with no explanation and no time to process. Cody is understandably angry and confused, but when he spots a girl headed into a video shop, he decides the sweltering heat and his odd uncle might not be so bad.

But Cody quickly runs into trouble, and when the drama at school finally begins to die down, he's faced with a much more frightening threat - one that could get him, his uncle, and the cute video store girl killed.

I'm always pleased when I run into a book that grabs me by the throat and propels me at breakneck speed through the story. The characters, story, romance, and drama are intense, and I felt myself riding on the roller coaster with Cody. The writing is excellent, the pacing is excellent, and there's so much heart in this story. If you like werewolves (kind of reminiscent of [b:Twilight|41865|Twilight (Twilight, #1)|Stephenie Meyer||3212258]), then you'll love the Amazing Wolf Boy.