Children of Dreki: TYR (Book One)

Children of Dreki: TYR (Book One) - N.R. Tupper Kai is captain of a rustbucket starship with a ragtag crew. They're running one last transport in the hopes of making enough credits to go straight with their business. But when the transport goes terribly wrong (murderous cargo escaping, hit by space debris, attacked by alien technology), they limp to their destination with grim determination. But their destination is not the safe haven they hope for, and when their ship is stolen and they're stranded on the planet, Kai has to figure out how to protect her crew from the dangers left behind.

There are some great things about this book. Like Kai wears glasses - unusual for any type of book, but especially for a futuristic reality. The Dreki are an alien race that's been unstoppable since they began attacking. Basically, the Dreki are dragons that can survive in space and breath fire. So cool. And the worlds, history, and tech are everything you'd expect from a sci-fi story.

My only complaint is that we spend so much time in Kai's head and with her thoughts, that it was hard to actually get in her skin. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but for instance, she's always beating herself up for what she considers poor leadership for her crew. It's not too often as to get annoying, but it does kind of get like "I get this, already".

There are some hints at romantic entanglements, but this book doesn't go very deep into them. Instead, we find ourselves being thrust from one bad situation into the next. Kai doesn't wallow in self-pity, though, but is always striving to exude strength and keep her crew safe.

I only wonder what TYR stands for. That wasn't made clear. But apparently the title is Children of Dreki, which makes more sense given the story.

Overall, an enjoyable read.