Island of Magic: The Adventures of the Power Girls

Island of Magic: The Adventures of the Power Girls - R a P Smolen, Aurora Smolen An excellent follow up to the first book.

Emma and her friends have magic powers and colorful streaks in their hair to match. They return to the Isla de Magia, the Island of Magic, only to find that the magic of the island is failing for some unknown reason, and the students who patrol the island are experiencing dizziness and the occasional loss of powers. Plus there are some new recruits to deal with, and one doesn't even like chocolate, a main ingredient on the island. But Emma and her friends are determined to help wherever they can. After all, Emma is the only one with water magic.

I loved how this deepened the story, but there were a couple of things that would have helped round it out. Like understanding why the queen was so unwilling to believe Emma, or where their new enemy came from.

For future books, I'm also curious as to why boys don't get elemental powers.

But overall a delightful tale for young girls.