On Dangerous Ground: An epic Journey Begins... (Chanmyr Chronicles Companion Series)

On Dangerous Ground: An epic Journey Begins... (Chanmyr Chronicles Companion Series) - TJ Muir The description is a bit misleading, taking the story past where it ends here. You get a sense of something more, but it happens in later books. That's fine, I'd just like the description to mirror the actual story being told.

Kirrin is a target for the other kids, who enjoy hunting him down and beating him up. On one such run, Kirrin takes cover in a carriage, but before he can get out, the owner returns and he goes for a ride. Far from home and hungry, he smells baked goods across the way. He sneaks under the open window and snatches one. And then another, but he gets caught. He puts several grown men on a harrowing chase through the estate, but is eventually caught -- and brought to the Lord of the estate, a man with more power than Kirrin wishes to face. But his cunning seems to amuse the Lord, who demands he repay his debt through service.

I enjoyed a lot about this story. Kirrin is a scrappy kid, and you gotta admire his cunning. You kind of feel him growing through this story, which is cool. The story really doesn't set up much, as far as stakes in the whole story, and you get the sense there's more (especially from the description) that should've been touched on. I was a bit unsure about the ending, and I didn't get a good enough sense of the world this was set in to really ground myself in the story. As a stand-alone, it doesn't work so well, though it might be more enjoyable if you're familiar with the series it accompanies.

Overall, not a bad story, but I kind of wish this did more to pull me into the series.