Company of the Raven

Company of the Raven - J.R. Bournville This was an interesting short story. Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's, The Raven, the story takes on a similar endeavor, though taking a more narrative rather than lyrical path. The dramatics of it do draw you in, and much like the poem, you're left wondering at the end if there's any resolution for the main character.

I do have one complaint. Though the story claims to be written of a person in the 21st century, the narrative and dialog is actually more formal, lending an antiquated feel to it. This may be purposeful, but it felt incongruous. There was also a slip into present tense in one spot that threw me off.

Otherwise, this is a beautiful and interesting retreat for anyone looking for a contemplative short story, and especially fans of Edgar Allen Poe.

I admit, I was intrigued in this short story because of my own, [b:Raven: A Dark Fantasy Short Story|32487425|Raven A Dark Fantasy Short Story|Angel Leya||53076860], though where the story and title end, so do the similarities. :)