Sanctuary - Melle Amade Shae is a young girl who feels her friends slipping away from her, caught up in secrecy and forming bonds without her. Home isn't so great either, with an icy mother whose rage she finds growing in herself, and their plans are to move away. But her friends aren't just shutting her out. They're part of something more, a frightening world that took a pair of teens, and that might be on the hunt for Shae.

This is well written, and a highly addictive story. I love the interactions, the friendships, the strain, and Shae's own struggle with an anger so all-consuming, it (figuratively) covers her in ice.

My biggest complaint with the book (other than it really doesn't address Shae's pull toward Callum, the supposed enemy, or how he came to break off from the group in the first place) is that it wasn't well edited. Most of it wasn't too distracting - missing punctuation, some missing words, etc. The two most notable mistakes were: When Shae walks home after the wake and one moment is wearing a dress (if I remember her run-in with Callum correctly) and then next she's wiping her hand on her jeans. The other is when her younger brother's eye is filled with puss (should've been pus - that kind of cracked me up).

Other than that, I enjoyed the story quite a bit and am looking forward to more from this author!