The Last Trollid (The Sunset of Magic #1)

The Last Trollid (The Sunset of Magic #1) - Alistair Potter We join a group of individuals as they set out for the battlefield from one sector of the kingdom in the wake of a new enemy. The lizard-like beings with blood red eyes are fierce and ruthless, and after a firm routing sends the troops into retreat, they seem to have the upper hand.

But these enemies aren’t exactly new to this world, and as our group breaks apart from the main forces for various reasons, they find a world of history long forgotten. Now they must preserve and defend this knowledge in order to save their world.

I thought the story was interesting. I loved all the different characters and the rich history. I loved that Bort was more than he seemed, and played a much larger role in the overall story than the beginning would suggest.

There were only two things that hindered my enjoyment. The first was that we start as the troops are marching into battle. I think a step earlier would have been appropriate. A little more of their normal life, a little more of their interactions and such, would have helped me gain greater sympathy for the characters going into the story. Just a step before all the rallying is all it would have taken, I believe.

The second is that two characters chose to ignore obvious signs based on their own stubborn need to cling to their beliefs. While one character doing so would have been understandable, if perhaps a tad annoying, two characters doing the same thing over the same subject seemed a bit much. I would have liked to see the full spectrum of reactions to the same thing, as I think that would have been more appropriate for the different characters and their personalities.

But those problems are small in the overall scope of the story. I thought it was a fun fantasy, and I can sense the depths that the whole series will take readers to. A solid book one in The Sunset of Magic series, and an enjoyable read for those who love a bit of sword and sorcery in a fantasy world.