Instruments of the Angels

Instruments of the Angels - Monica Leonelle I loved this story!

Brie has just moved to Honolulu, following her mother's death. But a whole new world is at her fingertips, because she's a Hallow, and she's just coming into her power. Her brother, who seems to have no powers, is clueless to what's really going on.

His best friend Rykken has caught her attention, as well as a blond girl who looks just like a younger version of her mom. With the help of fellow Hallows, Brie must learn about this new world and who she can trust.

Only complaint is the first chapter - I found it a little heavy on backstory and similies. But that chapter was short, and the next plunged us into Brie's existence, which really drew me in.

The characters are interesting, the story goes so much deeper than you first see (the whole second half is a repeat of the first, but takes you deeper into the story and characters), and the world feels fully formed. I'll be checking a lot of the extra content out next. :)

And yay for book 2! It's on my tbr list.