2446-89: Stassi's Diary

2446-89: Stassi's Diary - Sophie  Davis In a dystopic future, orphan Stassi (2446-89 as designated by the state) has just turned 17 and is finally eligible for work. Not highly educated and with few prospects, her only determination is to make it off the state-run orphan camp and try to make something of her life. Except the day is interrupted by someone very different and very important, and things just may be looking up - if she can find a way to gain the attention of an employer she knows nothing about.

This is an engaging beginning to the series, and I enjoyed it so much, when I got to the free book link for the next in the series, I went ahead and snagged it. And the next book gets even better. This particular novella is a bit of a Cinderella story as Stassi fights her way out of a bad situation.

So get this book, try it out, and see if you're not pulled into the next book. I dare you. :)