The Faerie Guardian

The Faerie Guardian - Rachel  Morgan Loved this book!

Violet is on her way to becoming a Guardian faerie. As a trainee, she gets to take missions, protecting humans from wandering fae who might harm them. But when her assignment takes her to protect a young man--an attractive young man who can see through her invisibility glamour--her world is turned upside down. Her time with the human is absurd and almost gets her expelled, but he's charming, and she continues to see him, despite it being against Guild laws. So when the quest to find his mom goes awry, and with a bitter rival is on her trail, Violet ends up in a lot of hot water, and she's more embroiled in the plot than she realizes.

Wow, wow, wow! This story is highly addictive. I love the world, the magic, the faeries and weapons and the rest of the fae. And there's plenty of romance and so many heart-wrenching decisions. Violet has a lot to work out, and you can really feel her pain and confusion as everything spins out of her control. This is a great setup for the rest of the series, as I REALLY want to get the rest of the books, like yesterday. Definitely recommended to YA fantasy lovers.