The Island Deception

The Island Deception - Dan Koboldt Quinn's back in the real world, with an incredible opportunity on the Vegas Strip he's long strived for. But even the glimmer of Vegas lights can't compare to what he's experienced in Alissia.

When Case Global asks him to return, he practically jumps at the chance. Because Alissia holds magic--real magic. But the mission holds many dangers, and Case Global is playing their cards close to the chest. There's more at stake than ever, both for the company's team, and for the Alissian people.

I found the dive back into the story a little slow. The opening scene lacked some of the pizazz I've come to expect from Quinn, but once we dip into Alissia, the fun is on. The stakes are much higher this time, and the mood is decidedly more serious. Relationships delve deeper, and a series of mysteries and secrets pulls you along in a race for the finish, that, while leaving you satisfied, also leaves a slaking thirst for the next book.

I have to say, the author is excellent at creating stunning worlds. He paints the culture in such broad and vibrant strokes, and the many nuances that makes each region unique, and the people that inhabit each area just as varied.

And the magic. I yelled at Quinn a few times for being such a cheater at times. But he pulls through in the end, like always. A true illusionist and man of charisma.

If you loved [b:The Rogue Retrieval|28595063|The Rogue Retrieval (Gateways to Alissia, #1)|Dan Koboldt||45843275], you'll want to continue the journey in the Island of Deception. The anticipation is on for book 3 of the Gateways to Alissia trilogy. I can hardly wait to see how the author paints his way out of this corner. :)