Before Tomorrow (Forget Tomorrow)

Before Tomorrow (Forget Tomorrow) - Pintip Dunn Coming into this as a reader who has no knowledge of the world, I found this novella intriguing, but not quite satisfying.

We meet Logan on his 17th birthday, the day when everyone receives their future memory. His is decidedly good, showing him winning a swim race, but the inclusion of Callie in that vision - a friend who he's long let slip, but has never quite left his mind - fills him with doubt. They haven't spoken for years, but seeing her fills him with hope. What does it mean? Callie's birthday is the next day, and when she receives her future memory, it's not so great. Locked away for a crime she's supposed to commit, Logan needs to find a way to help her and atone for a past he's ashamed of.

The story ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger, and while not bad, it just didn't quite hit the spot for me. For fans and readers of the series, I can see how this might be a helpful filler for the world they know, but for me, the information left more questions than answers. The writing is beautiful and the world is certainly intriguing, so the series is worth a shot, but this might not be the best first glimpse for new readers.