The Purloined Pictograph (The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher #2)

The Purloined Pictograph (The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher #2) - Terry Marchion Christopher and his eccentric and brilliant Uncle Tremain are at it again. This time they're researching an archaeological site inhabited by the lost Mayflower tribe on New Earth. But there's something foul afoot. A relic from the site goes missing, and the mysterious benefactor for the dig site might not be as benevolent as first anticipated. Tremain and Christopher must discover the ancient secrets of the site before it falls into the wrong hands.

The author's writing is definitely improved in this book (though book one, [b:The Missing Yesterdays|29947824|The Missing Yesterdays (The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher #1)|Terry Marchion||50278996] was still an interesting read), and my 4 year old son and I enjoyed the story. It's a fun piece of mystery and science-fiction for the young and young at heart. The main characters are easy to root for, and the writing style is smooth and easy to digest. Looking forward to more from this author!