Dark Siren

Dark Siren - Eden Ashley Holy cow! I picked up this book because I saw the author is another South Carolinian, and I had to check the book out. I'm so glad I did.

Kali is a 17 year old girl who's beginning to experience blackouts and makes out with boys so she can feed off their life spark. This is a problem for her boyfriend, who she decides she's strung along for long enough - they both know their explosive relationship can't last.

Right on the heels of her breakup, she meets Rhane. Dark and mysterious, he stirs her in ways she's never felt before, and he just keeps popping up everywhere she is.

Meanwhile, her boss is acting strange, dealing a stolen artifact and dragging her into it, though she has no idea why. The mysteries deepen further and further, spinning Kali's world around as she struggles to learn the truth about who she and Rhane are, both to the world and to each other.

This story is a page turner, and though many mysteries are revealed, many are beckoning me to read the next book. The action is intense, both romantically between Kali and Rhane (though it never crosses any lines because of her age) and in general. The danger is real, the conspiracy is deeper than anyone realized, and the story is so enchanting, you'll want to keep going. Seriously. Get this book. You won't regret it.

I got the book because I wrote a mermaid story ([b:Skye's Lure: A Contemporary Fantasy Romance Mermaid eBook|31692319|Skye's Lure A Contemporary Fantasy Romance Mermaid eBook|Angel Leya|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1472349400s/31692319.jpg|47863623]) and I wanted to see what my fellow South Carolinian had come up with. This story is much more adult than mine, though, and much more intense, and though Kali's a siren, she's certainly not a mermaid. No matter. I enjoyed this story just fine. :)