At Water's Edge

At Water's Edge - S. McPherson Dezaray has never quite recovered from her parent's deaths, in large part because her brother blames her for it, and in drunken rages beats her on a regular basis. So when her doppleganger from another, magical realm saves her, and then accidentally takes her place, Dezaray finally gets a chance to breathe. But as much as she likes being in the alternate world, her doppleganger needs to get back to save her world, and they can't both remain in the same world at the same time.

This is a heartbreaking tale of finding love and worth and forgiving oneself. I have to say, though I've had this book read for a bit, I kept forgetting to rate it because I keep having a hard time associating the title with the story (also happened after I bought the book, and when I finished reading it I pulled out of the ebook and went - oh yeah, that's what it's called).

The book ends on quite the cliff-hanger. I wish the author would have taken it just a step farther, but that might take the reader back into the midst of disappointment and depression, rather than leaving them on a high note. Oh well.

The story was still good. Lots of action, angst, and romance. An exciting read, and a story my mind keeps returning to. I'll have to put the rest of the books on my to-be-read list. :)