This Dread Road

This Dread Road - Olivia Folmar Ard This book was great in that it provided hope, but getting to that point was a rollercoaster of emotion.

Claire's just broken up with her long-time on-again-off-again boyfriend, realizing they just weren't working out. She seeks a new job - wanting to learn the family business and work her way up in the world, really become her own woman. But adulting is hard, and she has a secret that she's not sure how to deal with.

Annemarie is a woman who has lived through it all - love and heartbreak that speaks to Claire's own misgivings. Late one night they share tea, coffee, and stories, and the whole thing comes tumbling out.

I loved the way these stories intersected. Annemarie's story takes over the book in a way that is beautiful and emotional and in the end provides hope. If you've ever wondered if there's hope for a better life, for second chances, I think you'll love this book.

I received an advanced reader's copy with no obligation to review. This is my honest opinion of the book.