Dragons Are People, Too

Dragons Are People, Too - Sarah Nicolas This was a great read. There was almost non-stop action, an intense teen romance, and enough fantasy creatures to keep the imagination running wild.

Kitty is a weredragon, as in, she can change from human to dragon at will. She's also an undercover agent tasked with guarding the president's son, Jacob, along with fellow weredragon Sani. But Sani is more than a partner to her, and Jacob is more than a charge. When a mission goes bad and a dragon in her charge changes in full view of a camera, breaking the number one directive, the day goes from bad to worse, as all dragonkind are taken into custody and the president's son is kidnapped. Kitty and Sani must work to save pretty much everything and everyone, but Kitty finds her feelings for Sani keep popping up, nearly as wild as her dragon.

I really enjoyed this book. Definitely a YA read, and at moments the romance thing gets a bit intense/sappy, but otherwise a very thrilling read with lots of turns and twists that you'll never see coming. Ends at a good place, but a very strong cliff hanger. I love the race theme, too. Really makes you think.