Thaw Me Out

Thaw Me Out - G.B. Brulte, Greg Brulte, Gregory Brulte Okay, so there are some flaws. Much of the book is done in journal form, and those entries are in italics - it can be distracting, but I'm not personally bothered by such things. And sure, the story drags a little in parts, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and this one hits all the heart strings. It's not only one love story, but two (four if you count some side characters).

A man freezes himself for love, and asks the woman of his dreams and his best friend to help thaw him out. This story chronicles the process of thawing him out, and what happens afterwards. Meanwhile, we get a glimpse into Aaron's head before the freeze, via journal entries. I have to say, the author's vision of the future seems incredible plausible, and there's a certain magic to this story, both literally and figuratively. It's beautiful the way it all comes together, and I'm sitting here sighing, sad the story is over, but happy that it's complete.

If you love love, you'll love this book.