By Moonrise

By Moonrise - Jackie Dana This is a delightful read. There's love, mystery, and a medieval type political system that's rife with intrigue.

Kate is a marketer grieving her mother's death when voices start beckoning to her. One stormy night the ring her mother gave her begins to glow, and she steps in to find herself in a world wholly different from her own. As someone unfamiliar with the land of Sarducia, she's thrown into the middle of royal affairs, and finds herself caught between a whole cast of characters who are working their own agendas. Rynar - the king's right-hand man, takes her under his wing, and her path keeps bringing her into the presence of Arric, the king's brother who is rumored to have killed his father and abandon his people. Oh yes, and there's magic, though the religious group known as the Sarnoc don't really consider it to be magic, using it for healing and mild manipulation of the elements.

I have to admit, I was about ready to crawl out of my skin when the story ended. I NEED to know what happens next, but I'm afraid I'll have to wait for now (can we say cliffhanger?). There are so many mysteries, and the author has only answered some. But it's an emotional read, taking you through the far reaches of Sarducia and immersing you in a magical land that is enchanting and complex. You won't want to miss this.