Glimpse: A New World

Glimpse: A New World - HJ Lawson, Amos Cassidy, Andy Graham, Michael Anderle, Sarah Dalton, Mixi J Applebottom, Holly Barbo, Francelia Belton, David R. Bernstein, Amos Cassidy, M.C.Cerny, Sarah Dalton, Vered Ehsani, J.L. Hendricks, Jade Kerrion, HJLawson, R. A. Marshall, TJ Muir, CM Niles, Robert As an anthology, of course it's a mixed bag. There were some stories I really enjoyed, while others I wasn't so enthusiastic about. I'll mention the best here, but other readers may find their preferences lean elsewhere. Being that the anthology is free, though, it's worth risking wading through the stories you don't enjoy to find the gems you do.

These ones were excellent (5 stars, really!):
--Found by [a:C.B. Stone|9816410|C.B. Stone|] - This is an intriguing dystopian about Miriam, a girl on a base with nothing better to do than break the rules, and she finds a room full of banned material that calls her name.
--A Moment in the End by [a:David R. Bernstein|15615628|David R. Bernstein|] - A dystopian/sci-fi about a girl named Leeyah (great name :D ) with the ability to "push" thoughts and attitudes on others. She's part of a large corporation with secret assignments to help improve the positioning of the company. And of course, the company is taking care of her and her family, so it's worth it, right?
--Rebels and Thieves: A White Hart Story by [a:Sarah Dalton|4720363|Sarah Dalton|] - This is a fantasy about Mae, a girl with a power she keeps hidden, and her and her father's struggle with a group of ruffians who have a keen eye on the white stag that chose Mae and her father.

Also enjoyable:
The Call of the Sea by [a:Ashley Stryker|13001280|Ashley Stryker|]
Defender of Mankind by [a:H.J. Lawson|8396176|H.J. Lawson|]
No Accidents by [a:W. Bradford Swift|9829238|W. Bradford Swift|]
An Altercation in Rykkamon by [a:Robert Scanlon|7232090|Robert Scanlon|]

Overall, I enjoyed the collection, though some stories I didn't connect with the voice or content.