Spell Slinger

Spell Slinger - K.N. Lee Yara is incredibly powerful, daughter of a spell-slinger and a meta (in this instance a ghost, though meta covers many different creatures). We enter the story as she's escaping from a life she was forced into - one of many wives to a wealthy man. With the help of her best friend, a raven shape shifter, and a former lover, she starts on a quest to kill the king, whose reign involves killing off all spell slingers, the last gateway holding the meta's back from destroying the world.

But when she comes across a skeleton key, it sends her far into the future, where the king still reigns and meta's are on the verge of taking over the world. Her path takes her into the presence of one of the king's sons, igniting a passion she thought she no longer had.

This story has fantasy, time travel, and superhero elements to it that make it quite delightful.

This one is a bit of a tough review. The writing is solid. The world is incredibly interesting. The characters are decent. The problem I had with the book is that there were some inconsistencies and stuff that didn't get fully explained. For instance, Yara gets slung into the far future by a skeleton key, but it's never explained why. She was on her way to try to kill the king when she got slung to the future, and there her quest basically continued, although minus her partners in the first portion of the book. One of the characters is a turncoat, and Yara seems to know when it gets revealed, but there's nothing to indicate that beforehand, so it seemed a little out of left field. Also, the turncoat could have outed her to the king at any moment, but she never did, and the motivation is unclear.

Despite an immense amount of struggle, Yara, the main character, seems to move through each with surprising ease. She's super cool and interesting, but would have been more interesting with a little more struggle.

So I gave this review four stars. I wanted to give it five, but just couldn't due to the little inconsistencies that unraveled the story every time I stopped to think about it.

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