Soulless Creatures

Soulless Creatures - Katharine Grubb I have some mixed feelings about this novel. Like her other book, [[ASIN:B00AAC5FKS Falling For Your Madness]], the characters are unique and intriguing, but the book didn't capture me in the same way.

Set in the 80's at Oklahoma University, Soulless Creatures is about 3 students: Jonathan, the rich kid desperate to transcend his status by living a modern day Walden; Roy, the street wise ladies' man who is trying to transcend his druggie mom's and con man dad's legacy by making something of himself; and Abby, the "angel" both boys idolize, who despite her level head has a bit of growing up to do.

The hijinx begin immediately, as Roy's dad and girlfriend steal Roy's car on the way to school, Roy, with his roommate Jonathan's help, make plans to get Roy into the dorm floor President position, and Abby enters public college with fear, uncertainty, and a secret boyfriend. They all meet during a chance minor collision in the local Walmart parking lot, and after finding each other again on campus, become friends.

I have to say, though, that I didn't really get into the story until Jonathan decides to hold a test to see if Roy really has a soul, the real stakes of the book in which the prize is Jonathan's sweet car. Sweet, innocent Abby is elected as judge for the competition, which takes the rest of the semester to complete.

I almost abandoned the story, initially, because it took a while to get to the good part, but went back to give it a chance after reading the author's other stories. It's not my favorite of hers, but it's not bad. It's a touching story with unexpected results, which I both enjoyed and didn't. I think in the end my disconnect was that it just wasn't my type of story. But well written and interesting enough, so it fairly earned the four stars I'm giving it.