The Basilisk's Creed, Volume One (The Basilisk's Creed #1)

The Basilisk's Creed, Volume One (The Basilisk's Creed #1) - Eme Strife Based on Amazon's star system, I almost should give this three stars, but there were just too many factors that pulled me into the 2-star realm. A few things stood out.
1 - The first page was awful. I almost quit there, but seeing as I had received this in exchange for my honest review, I felt compelled to finish. The first page was all about how tired the character was, and it was all "I"s to the point of distraction. I was afraid the whole book would be that way. Thankfully, it wasn't.
2 - There was too much swearing, in my opinion. By the end of the book, they were just words - pretty much fillers to try to tell the reader that there was urgency or anger or passion. Ugh. I don't mind some swearing, but this kind hit my limit.
3 - SPOILER ALERT - there's a steamy sex scene - or should I say almost sex scene? It goes into a little too much detail for my taste, and is fairly early on and lasts for about half the book, but it is effectively erotic.
4 - There is little purpose to this book. It sets up the world (which is about to blow up), the characters (sort of), and the problems, but other than the that, nothing happens. This was the tipping point. It ends before anything really happens or resolves. Plenty of problems, but no solutions. Not enough story to be a stand alone. Sure, there are more books in the series, but throwing out a single title that does nothing seems like an awful cheat.
The good news is it's a quick read, and I think the author has a lot of potential. Maybe the later books improve, and I sure hope so, since there are some interesting problems and questions that this book raises, but for the love of readers, I hope this author joins a critique group so she can fill in the plot holes and provide a satisfying read.