Mindspeak - Heather Sunseri Lexi is surrounded by secrets. Attending a boarding school where no one really knows anyone else (like the fact that she's is the daughter of a famed geneticist), Lexi meets someone new - and he's made it clear that he's very interested in her. Then her father is killed, leaving her with a ton of questions that no one seems to want to answer. His last communication with her indicated he had some journals, and everyone wants them. Can Lexi unravel the mysteries that surround her father's death and the contents of those journals? And can she trust the cute boy who seems to hold all the answers but won't divulge?

I found this story completely addictive. The romance, the mystery, the supernatural powers. No one is who they seem to be, and danger lurks around every corner. I'm not generally interested in series, but I really want to finish this one. Definitely recommended for anyone, but particularly for anyone who liked Twilight - or wanted something with a little more substance.