Unscheduled Departure

Unscheduled Departure - T.M. Franklin Ro's life is about to change - her boyfriend is moving across the country to run the family business. As he's leaving, she hovers in indecision, not wanting him to go, but not wanting to be the needy girlfriend. So she plays it safe, and just tells him she loves him. He unexpectedly returns, but something's not quite right. He kisses her... weirdly. She's can't identify why, and she slips into life as usual, but things just keep getting weirder. What's her boyfriend hiding, and can she get to the bottom of it all without landing in the loony bin?

This was a charming story, and very well done. My only complaint is that it was so heavily foreshadowed, I figured out the ending long before it arrived. There was one well thought-out twist, but again, it was obvious a little too soon for me. May just be me. Other than that, loved the eerie Twilight Zone vibe of the story, and it was very well written.