The Scarlet Thread

The Scarlet Thread - Derek Murphy Ugh, killing me here. The story was interesting, then captivating, and then it ended. :( But I signed up for the newsletter, so I'll get the rest of the story as soon as he writes it, but man, talk about ripping your heart out.

Kaidance is in juvenile detention for killing her brother, except she tried desperately to prevent his death after she saw it. Problem is, no one believed her. Then, one day she sneaks off with her friend to a party, gets bored and then creeped out by some guy with gold eyes who's staring at her, and after a brief and confusing encounter, returns to the facility. But when she gets thrown in solitary confinement, she hears the voice of the golden-eyed guy again, and wakes to find herself in an impossible situation that quickly leads to her escape, and into an adventure she never could have imagined. Let's just suffice to say there's a lot of weird stuff going on at the mansion of the gods, and Kaidance finds herself in the middle of an ancient war.

It definitely starts out rather dark, but once the real adventure begins, the story picks up momentum, and lightens up ever so slightly. I found the characters interesting, and the setting (the later one) just fascinating. The story drops off in the midst of a heart-pounding scene, and that was a little shocking, but fingers crossed the author finishes the book soon, because I'm dying to know what happens next.