A Stunning Conclusion

The Unicorn Throne: The Four Kingdoms Book Two - Chrys Cymri

This is an excellent follow up and conclusion to part one of the series, The Dragon Throne: Volume 1 (The Four Kingdoms). I love the development of all the characters, though there are some absolutely heartbreaking developments in the story.

Fianna and the Prancer (unicorn) must continue their journeys to save the land, but it's time to face their own demons. Deian is taken away on his own quest, and in so doing puts himself in the most dangerous position of all. Love is had and lost, wounds are opened and healed, and the story is left to a fulfilling, but perfectly open-ended ending, leaving the mind to create new and wonderful endings to the stories of these characters.

The author is excellent at foreshadowing, giving the reader just enough to wonder and dread, but not so much as to spell everything out. There is a beautiful blend of fantasy and sci-fi, which elevates the story from expected to stunning. As with the other, this book comes highly recommended. You won't be disappointed!