Coronado Dreaming - Worth Reading to the End

Coronado Dreaming - Greg Brulte

Guy falls in love. Guy falls in coma. Guy communes with his subconscious for 4 years, and wow what a trip!


It's an intriguing journey into the power of one's subconscious and the mysteries of the universe, with a captivating love story driving the MC forward. It's practically a sci-fi, since there is just so much science in it, but there are some deep philosophical ideas in there too. The book brought up some interesting theories and explored them quite fully - and I understood most of it, too. :) Honestly, the middle drug out a little long - I kept waiting for the story to continue, but hey, the guy was in a coma. I have to say, though, I loved the ending. Made me laugh out loud. Overall, I think it's worth a read.


I got this book because it reminded me of Call Her Forth a little, though the stories ended up being very different.