A great collection of short stories

Challenge The Proud: 30 Short Stories - Julia Proud

Challenge the Proud is a great collection of short stories with a variety of genres. It's a really neat concept - Julia asked her Twitter followers to give her random sentences. She picked 32 of them and created 30 short stories based on each of the sentences chosen. There's something for nearly anyone - from a spunky princess with somewhat inept but loveable sidekicks to vampires, or a fish detective to a detective whose Twitter followers are being killed, there is a story for just about any taste.


What makes this collection even better is that you can vote for your favorite story and have it turned into a novel. Of course, there's only a couple more days left to vote, but the collection of stories is worth checking out, even if you can't vote for a novel.


Note: I only gave this 4 stars because there were some editing issues, but they were minor and didn't interfere with Julia's knack at spinning incredible and diverse tales.